God, Mom, Dad, and All the Folks Holding Hands

by My Sweet Daughter

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This first MSD Full Length Album is dedicated to Upstate NY for not being West Michigan.


released 14 March 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: alright
i don't have a lot of words today
other than i hope that you're okay
and i hope your happy
cuz i miss you
perhaps not this version of you.
Track Name: Mom Called, It's Time to Come Home
Homesickness is truly a sickness.
You feel it in your body.
It starts in your feet
When you remember places you walked to or who you walked with.
Then it rises to the stomach that aches when you remember all the people you haven’t seen in 100 days.
Then you feel it in your arms when you remember the hugs that you don’t receive anymore.
You feel it in your head when you hear the songs that remind you of the people who changed your life.
And while one body part subsides for a little and cools off,
The others are burning and aching
And you feel like you’ll purge
If you don’t feel home for two seconds.
But nothing will feel like home
Until you’ve crossed the threshold
Of the house you spent your life in
And you reunite with the people
Who created who you are now
And you hug the loved ones
So your arms don’t ache anymore.
Homesickness is not a feeling
It is an aching sensation
That doesn’t go away
You just get numb to it over time.
Track Name: 585
Thank You for carrying the flame
Thank You for taking us home
Right back where we started from
in each other’s arms

okay okay
I think we’ll be alright
okay okay
I think we’ll be just fine

Yesterday we were 17
singing in your backyard
and Soco isn’t fun to sing anymore
cuz you can’t stay 18 forever

There’s something about this place
It always draws us in
Upstate is where it began
and where our hearts will mend
Track Name: Neighborhood Stories
Press pause, you’ve got some time to make up.
you’ve got enough self love to fill a dixie cup
but the destruction you’re composing is just too much to handle
so take your foot off the pedal and break—

do you ever sit alone in your room?
do you think about all the things we talked about?
do you recall when they gave you their love?
You’ve got ears but they aren’t doing their job

She tried to get your attention.
He tried to make things right.
She lost all of her patience
He let love leave his sight
She collapsed on her death bed
He had nothing to say
She put her hands to her eyes
He said “I’ve never had a friend die”

Dear God what have I done?
you graced my life with the loss of your son
You say that I’m worth it but I’ve thrown away your love
So if you can’t bring my friend to life
can you help me find my own?
Track Name: Small Words
February Second.
Home at last.
Just give me some time.
I’ll need to readjust.
If I think about it too much
I might not follow through,
but I know I need to.
I’m not a quitter.
I’m not a quitter.
but i dropped out of school

but it’s only temporary
I know it’s not what we planned
but i’m hoping you’ll wait to see
everything I know i can be
The west mitten screwed me over
and i’m sorry i’m being blunt
but if I have faith in God
then you need to have faith in me.